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We are professional and dedicated men and women who embrace diversity, and serve and protect the millions of people who visit, work at, and travel through the Port Authority’s transportation facilities and structures.

  • Airports (JFK, LaGuardia, Newark Liberty, Teterboro)
  • Bi-state Tunnels, Bridges and Terminals (Lincoln, Holland; GWB, Goethals, Bayonne, Outerbridge Crossing; Port Authority Bus Terminal)
  • World Trade Center Campus
  • Commuter Railroad (PATH)
  • Port Facilities (New York Marine Terminal, New Jersey Marine Terminal, NY/NJ Rail)




Port Authority Police Officer responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Patrol assigned posts or areas on foot or in an automobile, in uniform or in plain clothes, to ensure the safety and security of the community and Port Authority facilities
  • Provide security at all Port Authority facilities
  • Operate emergency equipment and respond to calls for service at airports and other facilities
  • Administer first-aid and take other related actions as needed in emergencies
  • Direct the movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic at or in the vicinity of a facility
  • Enforce criminal and traffic laws
  • Issue summonses, and charges against violators of municipal and state statutes, and;
  • Give testimony as required


Job Possibilites

If you are looking for exciting and diverse career opportunities, to serve with honor and integrity, we offer positions in:

  • Emergency Services
  • Commercial Vehicle Inspection
  • K-9 Unit
  • Police Academy
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting - Successful candidates must be capable of meeting all the challenges of the job
  • Criminal Investigations Bureau (Detective)


For those with supervisory aspirations promotional opportunities are available through the Police Sergeant, Police Lieutenant and the Commanding Officer ranks

Join our Police Recruitment Network